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Sales techniques: What if “No” was just as positive as “Yes”?

Published :22 February 2017

I must confess that I’m not a fan of Pokemon hunting. I’m not going to criticize what I do not know but this phenomenon just didn’t catch on with me. I find it a bit absurd to run after these little virtual monsters… But why not after all?  Aren’t there people who spend their free […]

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Sales coaching: 5 digital re-solutions for upgraded commercial performance

Published :17 January 2017

    At the start of this year, a time for good resolutions, spending more time coaching salespeople should be high on the list for managers. Why ? Because good resolutions usually focus on things that we never manage to do throughout the year and the effective and regular coaching of salespeople is very often part […]

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Boost your prospection using the 5 secrets of serial winners in tennis!

Published :23 November 2016

Prospection is a strenuous art that requires nerves made of solid steel. The motivation of even the bravest of salespersons can come to be seriously undermined by a series of unavailing calls, impenetrable secretary barriers, or polite dodges such as: “You can send us an e-mail…” After several fruitless calling sessions, the initial momentum can […]

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What if valuing “customer benefit” had its limits?!

Published :25 October 2016

All vendors with a minimum of experience in sales techniques know that a good argumentation should end with an emphasis on customer benefit. And whatever the technique, the principle remains the same: to put the stress on what customers will get from the service or product they are being sold. It does make perfect sense […]

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The 7 Deadly Sins of negotiation

Published :29 September 2016

  Whenever the discussion gets tense, especially when it comes to rates, negotiation skills come into play. This is normal and logical. However, the business environment we have now been dealing with for years is so stressful that people in the field are often prone to losing control. Yet, negotiation techniques cannot translate into proper […]

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Sales action plan : the entrepreneur’s compass

Published :29 July 2016

In orienteering, it is not necessarily the one who runs fastest who comes first… In the same way, a businessman who wants to turn his strategy into actual commercial success should invest some time to define the best route and spare himself from wasting time.   … 1. Assess the current situation     First […]

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Cross-selling in retail : “100% of winners have tried their luck !”

Published :24 June 2016

Before detailing the purpose of cross-selling and more importantly, how to get good at it, I am immediately going to let you in on its most absolute secret, just so we get it over with. Are you ready? You’d better concentrate, for it is pretty revolutionary! The absolute secret to achieving cross-selling is to SYSTEMATICALLY […]

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Enhance business efficiency through e-learning

Published :3 June 2016

… For several years, salespeople have been among the biggest users of e-learning solutions. In fact, many companies are using these solutions to train their employees on technical, product and market knowledge. It is indeed on theoretical training (technical knowledge, general and business culture, languages) that e-learning has started to prove its worth this last […]

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Selling with the codes of Luxury: the 4 dimensions of commercial sophistication/elegance

Published :17 May 2016

Before introducing the four dimensions of relational and commercial sophistication, I would like to remind you of some self-evident facts that we sometimes forget: Luxury is the only industry that goes unaffected by the crisis. The figures do not decline and all reports look favourable in terms of growth prospects.  As a case in point, […]

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Don’t let your ego take over the nego!

Published :20 April 2016

I’m pretty sure that you’ve already had an interview with a buyer looking down on you with condescension, arrogance and the self-satisfied aplomb of those who consider themselves above the fray. Quite annoying, isn’t? Now what if this negotiation attitude from the buyer was actually good news for you? As soon as the ego starts […]

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