How to transform your business using a differentiated sales strategy

Antoni Girod

Published : 13 November 2018
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How to transform your business using a differentiated sales strategy


Our world is changing fast, very fast. Companies adapt by transforming their offers, business models and organization. Despite this, many have to contend with a sluggish organic growth as well as receding margins. That’s true even for some of the best…






What ‘s happening in the business world for such poor performance ?

In a book titled “La Vente Différenciée” (The differentiated Sales) co-founder of Halifax Consulting Frederic Vendeuvre and Christopher Guerin, CEO of cable-manufacturing world leader Nexans, deliver a wake-up call to those having fallen behind performance-wise, before going on to describe an inspiring methodology that can be successfully implemented to restore profits in 18 months.

The latter can be summarized in 5 steps :

Segment your portfolios

Split your client portfolios using the powerful data analysis tools available. The “customer is King” era is over. Companies must adopt widely differentiated business strategies based on customer profiles, and sort between “good cholesterol” and “bad cholesterol”.

Simulate price models

To deal with “bad cholesterol”, you must completely overhaul your pricing models. Here too, powerful modern-day tools exist for simulating the best prices in real time and help you maximize your profits and transformation rates. Why do companies make so many efforts on their costs and so few on their pricing?

Collectivize your efforts

As far as “good cholesterol” goes, sellers cannot succeed on their own, meaning that you should take a collective approach to your commercial efforts. Really understanding the customer so as to present him or her with the most value-efficient solution requires cross-disciplinary work and efforts.

Differentiate your strategy

Adopt a differentiated sales strategy by building upon the insights of neuromarketing. Surprise the customer… for example by acting less salesman-like! It’ll be a relief to them!!!

Accompany your efforts

Accompany and coach your teams in order to help them develop their negotiating and assertive skills and make their approach to selling more analytical. Modern reinforcement solutions can help you better capitalize upon your coaching investments in the long term. Do not get soft. Buyers have taken a serious lead. If you are still unconvinced about that fact, simply read The purchasing chessboard by AT Kearney which details 16 buying strategies and 64 methods for winning every time.

NB : In an interview published in “Purchase Decision” Natacha Trehan says:

« There is going to be a real power shift in favor of best-in-class suppliers. As many purchasing managers have pointed out: Tomorrow, best-in-class suppliers will be the ones picking us out. »


Have a good differentiated sales day !

Frédéric Vendeuvre.

© Halifax Consulting

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